Valentina Albanese & Stella Ssj: cover for

Hello everyone! Finally a short review of my partecipation at the Far East Cosplay Contest 2012. Oh, “review” is a lot.. For now here are some photos from the web:


Me as Benten picture by:

This was my first contest at all so I guess I was very clumsy… And my 12 cm high heels wouldn’t help me walking down the stairs…

Into the Contest: Benten. Photo by Monica Medves

Anyway, at last my exibition was not so exciting.. but I was glad about how my whole costume (and – unbelievable – my face) looked like. I was very tired that day. I’ve had a fire-week in those thays!

After the contest. Photo by: Samanta Piasenzotto

A funny thing was an interview for Nippon Television, where I’ve talk totally random but where I’ve surprised the interviewer with my wonderful japanese… ni-hon-go. I really don’t know where find the video now but a friend tooked some pictures. Here is one:

Interview for Nippon TV

And finally this is a funny video with all the cosplayers:

About Stella

Hi! I'm Stella. I'm a PhD Researcher and a Visual Artist and I manage two blog on wordpress. The first is a WAY STATION for intergalactic travelers (by chance also accessible for terrestrials). Texts are mainly in Italian but pictures are understandable by the whole universe! My second blog is dedicated to my adventure in the world of cosplay and to my passion for Japan. Have a nice stay :) Ciao! Mi chiamo Stella e mi occupo dell'ordinaria manutenzione di WAY STATION, stazione di transito per viaggiatori interstellari. Saltuariamente agibile anche ai terrestri.

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