When a lolita meets a punk..
Oh, yes! I was in London again last week. And I found a lot of new inspirations… I think that I’ve also found something intersting for the japanlovers and the readers of this blog! ^_^
I wrote a post for the blog Japancoolture.com and here is the english translation (more or less!)
Tokyo and London for decades had the primacy as world capitals of new trends of fashion and design. And the word that better than any other identifies the area where these two cities are certainly the avanguard is the Anglo-Saxon binomial “street-fashion”. The latest trends of clothing and look renew themselves every day in the most exciting quarters of the globe: from Shibuya to Soho, from Harajuku to Camden Town, from Ginga to the East Block. There, fashion spread spontaneously even before that designers will be able to translate it into haute couture pieces that will bounce with continuous references and excerpts… from catwalks, to showcases, back to the road.
In this way, the yung people, in Tokyo such as in London,, were able to merge together “the Kitty and the Bulldog”: kawaii style of Lolita and aggressive look of Punk, the kimono and the tartan. Rock groups, cult movies, famous designers such as Vivienne Westwood or the new talent Takuya Angel are a source of inspiration and a mirror of these trends.
To this interesting subject of references and influences of british style in Japanese fashion, the Victoria & Albert Museum dedicates an exhibition open from May 23rd, 2012 until January 27th, 2013.
The exhibits are some extravagant complete outfits, recent acquisition of the Museum intended to enrich the (already substantial) permanent collection of Toshiba Gallery. It is named the number 45 of the huge Museum – something like 11 miles of tunnels located on 4 floors, which collects numerous spectacular art artifacts, such as: armor, ceramics, textiles, prints, lacquer and decoration, all objects of Japanese origin.
The outfits are created by the most innovative Japanese signatures and represent faithfully a wide variety of contemporary trends of street style. Detailed explanatory panels will tell the story and sources of inspiration.
The exceptionality of the exhibition “Kitty and the Bulldog” is all in her News: perhaps a bit unexpected for those who have a very traditional idea of what “a museum” should be, but entirely consistent with the spirit that from 1852 made the Victoria & Albert Museum one of the most extensive, complete and amazing collections of art and design in the world.
Full details on the Museum’s website: http://www.vam.ac.uk/
Here is the outfit on display:
Mamechiyo Modern:
Takuya Angel:
Sixh, and MINT Neko:
Alice Auaa:
Alice and the Pirates:
Baby, The Stars Shine Bright:
Innocent World:
You can find more and more (and all this wonderful pictures) on: http://www.vam.ac.uk/
In the weekend after my visit, 113 lolitas were at the Museum to see our Kitty and the Bulldog display! you can find the photos of the meeting in the V&A facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150861881613880.410965.13987918879&type=1

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