October was for me one of the most challenging months of this year.
I presented a project for a major photo contest (fingers crossed for the results), I worked hard for a conference on the Japanese manga (http://stellassj.wordpress.com/events/la-cultura-del-fumetto/), and at the same time I made a new costume for Nina Williams Lucca Cosplay Contest. (All this in addition to my regular job!) Until now I was then unable to update this blog, but what to say… this year Lucca Comics and Games was absolutely awesome!!! I came back since a week, and despite the many new commitments would like to give at least an idea of the fair to those who were not. And I should write a lot! So while I collect ideas, I suggest you take a look at these nice videos if you want to know what really happened to the largest and most amazing exhibition of comics in Italy (and for sure one of most beautiful in the world):

First day:

Second day:

Third day:

Fourth day:

And the nights:

So… what do you think about it?

Are you a superhero too, today? Leave your sign!

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