Uruha cosplay @ Far East Cosplay 2013

The Far East Film Festival is one of the most important European events dedicated to Asian cinema, and every year it gets even a better showcase for Italian cosplay. This time at the Cosplay Contest, the cosplayer were so many and all very good and experienced! And there were hundreds of people for the event! It was nice to meet some friends and do some new knowledge! I was very proud to bring my beloved Uruha cosplay.

Photo by Christian Pellegrin

Photo by Christian Pellegrin

I supposed it had no many chances to win the contest, cause the costume was not so particular or showy, even if it’s very well done. And I can’t wear the lens as you see. (I can never wear lens, really). However, that was a difficult period for me, with work and university, so I went there just to spend a nice day, have fun and relaxing! I also cutomized my guitar and a new wig, cause I couldn’t trim my hair another time!! Styling the wig was very funny to do! I’ve always told, I should do THIS as a job! But, anyway, my preferred part was the exibition: Like Uruha, on the stage!! Unfortunately in the long hours waiting under the sun, without eating, I started to feel very bad. (You can see in the video below, I was going almost to faint! Indeed, it was really not far from this… when I think about it I kinda chill!)

Anyway, I have a nice memory of that day, and a part of this memory is made by some wonderful pictures made by some great photograpers, like the following, that I adore:

Photo by Kris

Photo by Kris

Photo by Elido

Photo by Elido

I uploaded other wonderful pictures in the category “photoset” by Paolo Vercesi (link) You should take a look, cause they are superbe!

A funny picture is this one, with the wonderful Giorgia Cosplay, the guest of honor and the presenter of the contest. I’m not looking at the camera… yeah, but the cameras were more than one, sorry!

Me with the wonderful Giogia Cosplay

Photo by Massimo Malvestio

And now some pic directly from the stage:

417798_10201012375580405_1798515272_nUruha Cosplay Udine Far East

After (or before?) the contest, with friends (Sonaka & Mistral cosplay), and another cool portrait by M. Malvestio :

321677_180985382054534_1443074041_nUruha cosplay far east21165_10152770252180693_1760476704_n383229_10201018263649398_1146951018_n

Here is the video of the whole exibition!
My part start around 1.09:

Finally, but not less important, another cool memory is this picture, made by Demis Albertacci from the guest book of his photography exibition. I was lucky. I’ve realized a photoshhot with him that day!!!! What else to write… it coming soon!


Credits: Thanks to all the photographers and the people nominated in the post, to the staff for solving all technical problems with the music file, to two friends and amazing cosplayer for their pictures: Daniela De Lorenzi Scarabello and Elena Pahor. Thanks, finally, to my love Pier for the support!! ❤

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