Disclaimer: this is the post that should have been published before the Lucca Comics! Now the show has already taken place, but I wanted to show the instant of my costumes because these self-portraits seemed very nice!

Saturday 3rd November:

Carachter:   GAKUPO KAMUI

Series:          VOCALOID

Version:       Setsugetsuka

gakupo cosplay kamui vocaloid setsuketsuka flower moon stella ssj best photo costumeSunday 4th november:


Series:          GHOST IN THE SHELL

Version:        Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig

motoko kusanagi ghost in the shell cyberpunk cosplay manga anime stella ssj

…. what do you think…?

The report of Lucca Coming 2013 is arriving soon!

About Stella

Hi! I'm Stella. I'm a PhD Researcher and a Visual Artist and I manage two blog on wordpress. The first is a WAY STATION for intergalactic travelers (by chance also accessible for terrestrials). Texts are mainly in Italian but pictures are understandable by the whole universe! My second blog is dedicated to my adventure in the world of cosplay and to my passion for Japan. Have a nice stay :) Ciao! Mi chiamo Stella e mi occupo dell'ordinaria manutenzione di WAY STATION, stazione di transito per viaggiatori interstellari. Saltuariamente agibile anche ai terrestri.

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