Lucca comics games 2013 stella marega ssj cosplay

For me this Lucca Comics & Games was a little different from previous years: a few stands, a few photos , and a few meetings … but it left me some beautiful memories, three days of complete and utter thoughtlessness in a period a little hard. Three days of smiling people, funny talks, long walks, nice evenings … and wake up late in the morning 😉
Lucca comics games 2013 stella marega ssj cosplay ferraraOn Friday we did a bit of tourism, during the 500 km that separate us from Lucca we decided to stop in Ferrara, a wonderful italian city. We did a visit to the Ducal Palace and saw the frescoes damaged by the earthquake (very impressive!). In the evening, after the surprise of the unexpected change of hotel (very favorable), we made a reconnaissance tour of the city of Montecatini. In the end, we spend all the day out of Lucca!! XD
Saturday greeted us with a heavy rain, then there were hours of uncertainty: to bring (or not) the cosplay of Gakupo? At the end the ‘yes’ won, so… after an hour of “hair and makeup”, another hour stopped on the highway at Lucca South for the traffic to the fair, and a last hour for lunch, we arrived very late at the fair… And then? Then started to rain again XD There were few photographers of course, but there were several very nice cosplay … I’ve  meet some friends and another Gakupo, with the Sandplay version. My costume was a good success, especially from the ladies! But I do not really have a lot of photos!Lucca comics games 2013 stella marega ssj cosplay Because of the intermittent rain however the afternoon was a bit exhausting. We spend the evening in Montecatini (I had to take my cosplay at some point!) Anyway, on sunday morning we cranked the few photos of the previous days with a shooting at the Terme di Montecatini, a really wonderful location.
Sunday afternoon, the last glimpse of the fair: taking advantage of the costume Motoko, much more comfortable, we squeezed in some stands (non at the Games, unfortunately) and we have seen up close some setups like that of the Umbrella Corporation – in better shape than ever, this year – and provided also with an helicopter! Of course, the thing that has remained in my heart was a true DeLorean! A myth is not only my childhood but I can say of a lifetime 😉 Photos of the rite at the stand of Police (this year I also photographed the Police’s Lamborghini … considering also the used-Ferrari store in Montecatini I can say I photographed more cars Lucca comics games 2013 stella marega ssj cosplaythan cosplay). We also watched part of the cosplay contest … that longing thinking that last year I was on that stage! On Sundays, the day had to be quieter, but this year the Lucca Comic was a record: more than 200,000 visitors, not to mention more than double that did not make the ticket and were satisfied with a walk in the beautiful city.

In the evening, after a very long walk along the walls, we eat a wonderful kebab (also an evergreen) in via St. Helena, we did a poor “last minute” shopping (I took a vintage comic from Dario Argento for my boyfriend) and finally we attend to the concert of Giorgio Vanni. (Only regret: to have lost the concert of Cristina D’Avena in the previous evening!) Before go away, we went to say goodbye to the very nice and cordial owners of the bar Kristal, where for two days we spend good times (they hosted me for dressing, they have also done for us a fantastic carbonara and allowed me to connect to Facebook to post some updates thanks to wi -fi). Lucca comics games 2013 stella marega ssj cosplay

Then we started… 7 hours of highway (including 2 blocked due to a car accident) and at the end… the return to routine.
Then, nothing “special” in the end… however, Lucca has always been something magical… Lucca for me is and always will be my ” Neverland “…

ps. I should thank the blog trasmutazioni that remind me to publish this report!

Lucca comics games 2013 stella marega ssj cosplay

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