space pirate captain harlock 3d stella ssj cosplay

Year 2977. The universe is populated by 500 billion human beings, descendants of those who were exiled from the planet Earth. The Earth, which everyone considers “home”, is now controlled by Gaia Sanction, a supranational and dictatorial entity that governs the whole human race, and has been transformed into an inviolable sanctuary.

The spaceship Arcadia, commanded by Captain Harlock, has become the last hope of freeing humanity from the yoke of Gaia. The Coalition is organizing a project of sending an infiltrate into the space to assassinate Harlock. The chosen one to make this difficult task is the young Yama, brother of the Coalition’s leader Ezra.

This is the the background on which the new adventure will start.

The film is directed by Shinji Aramaki and based on the screenplay of Leiji Matsumoto, which nevetheless did not take part in the making of this film (and in my opinion it feels much the lack). It will be the Toei Animation’s highest production budget ever at the equivalent of over 30 million U.S. dollars.

The official relase was on 7th September 2013, but only on 1st January 2014 the movie was finally released in Italian cinemas. As I am a huge fan of Harlock since the 80s, I could not miss it. Then, this is my short review.

The best part of the movie is for sure the superb graphic rendering of the scenes, especially the base of Gaia on terraformed Mars, the Nami’s greenhouse and more than all the Arcadia spaceship, that moves into the space enveloped by a blanket of black smoke.

Spectacular visual effects, dark atmosphere, and that word we know well: freedom. The animation of the characters remind of the two “Final Fantasy” movies, while some scenes of combat on board the spaceships look a bit like Star Wars – Attack of the Clones.

Personally, the story did not convince me at all: the dialogue is a bit rambling, the psychology of the characters is not very thorough, Harlock is always in the background.

It also lacks a strong ideal impetus, perhaps is too faint the “revolutionary” message that in the original series was much stronger. A great science fiction movie, but a little  far from nostalgic and touching stories of Leiji Matsumoto.

In the end, I totally agree with the review by Richard Eisenbeis (maybe the best I’ve found lately but attention: it contains spoiler!)

harlock stella marega ssj kei yuki cosplay

stella marega ssj harlock cosplay

Anyway, if you just want to take some suggestion for your next cosplays… this could be the good opportunity XD

Let’s take a look at the characters from the classic series:Stella Marega ssj Space Pirate Captain Harlock

And to the restyling for the movie version:

stella marega ssj harlock cosplayHere more in detail the main characters:

Mimay and Harlock

Mimay and Harlock

Logan with the Arcadia's membership

Yama with the Arcadia’s membership

Ezra and Nami

Ezra and Nami



Tori and Harlock

Tori and Harlock

Kei Yuki

Kei Yuki

What do you think about Kei Yuki new version? Someone told me I resemble her… may it be true?

kei yuki stella ssj cosplayAlthough much preferred the old version, I think that in fact this Kei Yuki look like me a lot more. In the meanwhile, I’m searching for the red-purple lycra… 🙂

About Stella

Hi! I'm Stella. I'm a PhD Researcher and a Visual Artist and I manage two blog on wordpress. The first is a WAY STATION for intergalactic travelers (by chance also accessible for terrestrials). Texts are mainly in Italian but pictures are understandable by the whole universe! My second blog is dedicated to my adventure in the world of cosplay and to my passion for Japan. Have a nice stay :) Ciao! Mi chiamo Stella e mi occupo dell'ordinaria manutenzione di WAY STATION, stazione di transito per viaggiatori interstellari. Saltuariamente agibile anche ai terrestri.

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  1. galaxy says:

    this movie related somehow ” galaxy express 999 series” which was the classic animetion. it was about space ,stars and endless galaxy including milky way.

  2. galaxy says:

    it reminds me of astrophysics

  3. galaxy says:

    i miss this animation series back in 70 and 80’s

    • stellassj says:

      Me too! I used to watch them when I was young and them influenced my aestethic and my vision of the world a lot. This movie was not so touching as the animated series for me. Anyway, Harlock is one of the best anime characters ever!
      Thanks a lot for comments

  4. asdf says:

    Scifi movie with fantastic art of computer graphic shots !

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