Character: Souji Okita 沖田 総司
Anime: Hakuouki Hekketsuroku 薄桜鬼 碧血録
Cosplayer: Stella Ssj
Photography: Stella Ssj

My Souji Okita cosplay is arrived! This time is not hand made stuff but this is an original costume from the japanese seller ACOS (here you can find a review of the store). Truly I bought it from a kind Italian cosplayer. The costume is wonderful. I should style the wig now and find two black katana. Maybe I found the right location for the photos. Stay tuned!

About Stella

Hi! I'm Stella. I'm a PhD Researcher and a Visual Artist and I manage two blog on wordpress. The first is a WAY STATION for intergalactic travelers (by chance also accessible for terrestrials). Texts are mainly in Italian but pictures are understandable by the whole universe! My second blog is dedicated to my adventure in the world of cosplay and to my passion for Japan. Have a nice stay :) Ciao! Mi chiamo Stella e mi occupo dell'ordinaria manutenzione di WAY STATION, stazione di transito per viaggiatori interstellari. Saltuariamente agibile anche ai terrestri.

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