Souji Okita (沖田 総司 Okita Souji) is one of the main characters in Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan and is captain of the first division. He is based on the historical Okita Souji.

Okita, a handsome young man, standing at 178 cm or 5’9” with reddish brown hair in a topknot and emerald green eyes. He has a charming if somewhat sadistic personality and is fond of sarcasm.

He usually wears a loose red, gray, and orange top and green hakama with tape on his lower legs. He begins wearing a white sleeping robe all the time after Hijikata orders him to stay at headquarters due to his worsening illness. As tuberculosis has given him a failing sense of taste, Okita prefers strongly-seasoned food (to everyone else’s misfortune when he’s on cooking duty), but attempts to hide his condition.

He idolizes Isami Kondou, the commander of the Shinsengumi, and imitates his hair style. Okita is one of the most loyal men to him among the Shinsengumi. As much as he tries to hide it most of the time with teasing and rudeness, Okita is a good-natured fellow. All the same, he seems to be the type of person who likes to keep important information to himself, just to see what happens. When everyone found out that Chizuru was a girl and some of the others were surprised, Souji commented that “It was obvious she was a girl” yet didn’t say anything initially.

Souji once warned Chizuru that if she ever got in his way during patrol or a fight, he’d kill her. Even so, he protected her from Kazama during the Ikedaya incident, despite his own injuries. Because of this, he is thought to have romantic feelings for Chizuru but it is unclear.

okita souji cosplay stella ssj

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