Benten – Far East Cosplay Contest


Valentina Albanese & Stella Ssj: cover for

Hello everyone! Finally a short review of my partecipation at the Far East Cosplay Contest 2012. Oh, “review” is a lot.. For now here are some photos from the web:


Me as Benten picture by:

This was my first contest at all so I guess I was very clumsy… And my 12 cm high heels wouldn’t help me walking down the stairs…

Into the Contest: Benten. Photo by Monica Medves

Anyway, at last my exibition was not so exciting.. but I was glad about how my whole costume (and – unbelievable – my face) looked like. I was very tired that day. I’ve had a fire-week in those thays!

After the contest. Photo by: Samanta Piasenzotto

A funny thing was an interview for Nippon Television, where I’ve talk totally random but where I’ve surprised the interviewer with my wonderful japanese… ni-hon-go. I really don’t know where find the video now but a friend tooked some pictures. Here is one:

Interview for Nippon TV

And finally this is a funny video with all the cosplayers:

So what if I’m a puppet? Once upon a time you were too..

photo by: Alessandro Citti

photo by: Stefano Disperati