My name is Stella. I’m born at the end of the ’70s in the north east border of Italy. Grown old absorbing the infuences of pop and punk music and those of the Japanese manga, passing from the fantascientific tradition till to approach at the utopy of the culture Cyberpunk in the ’90s. I’ve a master degree in Political Sciences and ph doctorate in Political Philosophy. I’ve write several scientific papers and I’m trying to publishing my first book now. Actually I hold a post doc scholarship in Munich. I’ve a lot of activity, so in 2010 born the plan Atomic Generation’s Kids, that collects my works on the web.

I cosplay since 2009. I put a lot of passion and resources in this, but cosplay is only a way to express myself, not my whole life! I love music, art, photography, architecture, travelling and a lot of other things ^_^

Do you want more?

Birthday: 6th December

Favourite colour: Blue

Favorite parfume: Vanilla

Favourite city: Berlin, Manchester, Lisbon, Tokyo

Favourite music: Rock, Metal, Punk, Hardcore, Industrial, Visual kei

Favourite music at all: Metallica

Favourite fashion Icon: John Galliano, Vivienne Vestwood, Kate Moss, Audrey Kitching, Jeremy Scott.

Favourite sport Icon: Ayrton Senna, Alex Zanardi, Sanya Richards-Ross, Dennis Rodman

Favourite brand: Cyberdog, Fornarina, Miss Sixty, Punk Rave, DIY stuff, Adidas, Sony, Panasonic

Favourite cosmetics/ make up: Benefit, Clarins, Caudalie

Favourite cosplayer: Yuegene Fay / ZEASonal’s CosPlay /Rainer Tachibana

Favourite anime series: Saint Seiya, Ghost in the Shell, Ranma 1/2, Death Note, Mazinger Z, Captain Harlock, Galaxy 999,

Favourite anime movie: Spirited Away, The Wind Rises, Howl’s Moving Castle, Ghost in the Shell – Innocence, Ghost in the Shell 2.0

Favourite manga: Orange Road, City Hunter, Zone 00

Favourite comic: Dylan Dog

Favourite video-games: Tekken and retro-games such as Space Invaders.

Favourite movie: Terminator II, Indipendence day, Blade Runner, Star Wars, Indiana Jones

Favourite book: Way Station by Clifford D. Simak

If you can read in italian, and want to take a look to my works, check my main blog:

Stella ssj Stella Marega, Stella Marega, italian cosplayer metal rock look hair

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